Triangulation - Whirligigs.jpg

Triangulation "Whirligigs"

von John Wolf Brennan, Christy Doran, Patrice Héral, Bruno Amstad

The whirligig, an ancient Celtic design, provides both the title and the central motif for this startling album by a stellar Swiss band.

Just as the whirligig design comprises three conjoined spirals, or sometime four, Triangulation, originally a trio, now is a quartet with the addition of vocalist, Bruno Amstad. In the traditional design, the spirals radiate from a common centre, and swirl about it, expect that one of the elements may be larger and more complex than the others. But Amstad, although a barely describable vocal force, is not necessarily that fourth, eccentric element. Rather, all members of this coiling quartet merge triumphantly in this collaboration, and yet also merge grandly, at various points, from the unified whole.

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